What If There Was a Way for You to:

βœ“ Lose That Stubborn Weight,
βœ“ Get Over Those Mood Swings
βœ“ & Take Charge of Your Life...

... WITHOUT Falling for The Same Old Ways That Bring NO RESULTS?


What If There Was a Way for You to:

βœ“ Lose That Stubborn Weight,
βœ“ Get Over Those Mood Swings
βœ“ & Take Charge of Your Life...
... WITHOUT Falling for The Same Old Ways That Bring NO RESULTS?

Hi, I'm Simone, and here's what I'd like to share with you...


Don't let your age control your lifestyle, let your lifestyle control your age.

Would you like to:

βž” Lose weight permanently?
βž” Regain vibrant health?
βž” And FINALLY END THE WAR with your body?

If you answered YES, then I'm really glad you're here. You see I've been seeing patients see and feel the benefits of being in hormonal balance and the results are amazing.  

But how can you achieve that, when nothing's worked for you in the past?

It's actually a lot easier than you think - simply by following the right strategy (one that is tailor made for you) and the step by step guidance you'll  throughout the program, you'll see results! This program is unlike anything you've tried before.

A Custom Plan Unique For YOU!

Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what your body needed to function optimally.  Specific testing is an integral part of this program.

Diminish Food Cravings

When you know what your body needs and you have the support to implement those changes, cravings disappear and you feel nourished.

Transformational Support

You will receive individual support from me and have the group support to achieve your goals.  No more of not knowing what to do next.

Look Great Feel Amazing

When your body is in hormonal balance everything functions better and it shows.  Your energy improves and you feel awesome.

100% Natural, & Tasty Foods

We provide recipes that are delicious, nourishing and tailored to what your body needs. Plus they are quick and easy to make.

No More Guess Work.. You Have  A Plan!

This program removes any guesswork so that you know what your body needs to be in hormonal balance for optimal health and wellbeing.

Want to know why most of the programs you've probably already tried DIDN'T work?

Regular programs don't work because:

βž” they have a "one size fits all approach." They don't take your specific needs into account

βž” they focus on diets that can be restrictive and may deprive you of nutrients you need

βž” they lack any support systems for you to check in, and ask questions at any time

βž” they don't dive deep into ALL those areas that affect hormonal balance that are specific to women in perimenopause and menopause

This program gets amazing results because:

βž” specific tests let me know exactly what your unique needs are.

βž” meal plans are easy to make, delicious and focus on nourishing YOU.

βž” you get one on one support, as well as group support for all your questions

βž” this program is specific to women in perimenopause and menopause and dives into ALL aspects that drive hormonal balance

And what about the 3 common myths that
will keep you from balancing your hormones

Symptoms are Normal

No symptoms are not normal.  They are a sign your hormones are out of balance!  Just because you are in perimenopause or menopause does not mean you should accept your symptoms as normal.

You are what you eat.

No!  You are what you ABSORB!  If your gut health or microbiome are not optimal then you may be missing out on key nutrients your body needs to optimize hormones.

Your genes determine your destiny.

I often hear..." well it runs in the family."  The truth is 90% of your genes are turned on or off by your lifestyle which is completely within your control.

Imagine what it will feel like as:

  • Your body starts to feel nourished.  You look and feel good naked.
  • Your energy levels increase and you have the energy to do all the things you want to do.  No more fatigue.
  • Your moods are great.  You feel happy and balanced.
  • Your libido is great and you look forward to those intimate moments.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem sky rocket as you feel good about yourself and your body.
  • You know you are taking care of you and your future self.

What would it be worth to you, to feel like your best self?

Here's what it's meant to others...


I feel SO much better. My energy level is so much different … I can’t even explain exactly what is different, but there is something different, and it is amazing! I feel like my body is actually “fuelled” for the first time ever. Your stress management techniques have made a huge difference in the way I feel. Before this journey I really didn’t think I was having any trouble with sleep, but now I realize that I obviously was, because I am sleeping so much better now than I was before. I started noticing a difference in my sleeping after only 3 days of making changes.

You have helped me feel so much better and I am so grateful. I spent 4 years trying to figure it out on my own and wish I’d come to you much sooner!!!


The amount of knowledge I have gained about my unique physical make up has empowered me to control what I can.   

I've also benefited from having the hormone testing done in learning my current state and hormonal predispositions and again, it's empowered me to take steps to avoid some adverse future possibilities.

 I don't miss the uncomfortable bloating, mystery bike tire around my waist that was there no matter how much I work to remove it, mood swings that would scare Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  I sleep so well, I feel so well compared to where I started and look forward to continuing on this journey as I and my body age.

I encourage women to self care by truly learning how their unique body is made, and what they can do to enjoy it , take care of it, so you can love it, feel good in it, and about it.  

We are truly unique and deserve the added effort and attention to understand that. 

By the end of Hormone Harmony Coaching Program you'll have:

  • The knowledge and know-how on how your hormonal concerns can be addressed with the right food, sleep, exercise and detoxification support!
  • Confidence in knowing exactly what your body needs to support your metabolism so that any excess weight melts off.
  • An individualized plan for success for now and for your future.  No more guess work or wondering what will work or what's just wasting your time.
  • Balanced moods.  With balanced hormones comes balanced moods.   

Let's take a look at what's inside

Module 1: Your Metabolism

Let's face it, changing hormones affect your metabolism.  Let's dive into exactly what you need to get your metabolism running again and shed excess weight.

Module 2: Your Toxic Burden

We are bombarded with thousands of chemicals every day - in our air, water, food and homes.  Many of these mimic and disrupt our hormones.  

Module 3: Stress & Your Adrenals

Stress high-jacks your hormones and throws everything out of whack.  What's going on with your adrenals and create a long term plan on how to support them.

Module 4: Lovin Your Lady Parts

Let's spend some time actually taking about and acknowledging our lady parts.  Understand how they may be changing and how to care for them.

Module 5: Gettin Your Mojo Back

Your mojo...your essence is what gives you your zest for life and living.  Don't let changing hormones zap your energy and leave you struggling to get through the day.  

Module 6: Your Skin Care

This is all about skin care and aging well.  When you are taking care of all the factors that give you glowing skin it shows.  Know what works for your skin.

Module 7: Let's Talk About Sex

This topic if often not discussed enough when it comes to the mature woman and how hormonal changes impact this area of our lives. 

Module 8: Radiant You

When you feel great and look amazing you emit a radiance and a confidence that can't be described.  This is all about finding YOU and stepping into YOU!

* PLUS *

I'm going to throw in some BONUSES to ensure your success

Bonus 1

Your personalized report: based on your genetics that gives you all the information you need to know exactly what your body needs.

Bonus 2

Food Sensitivity Testing:  Know which foods are causing inflammation, affecting your gut microbiome and disturbing your hormone balance.

Bonus 1

Comprehensive Hormone Testing: detailing your hormone levels, how well they are converting and being eliminated.  

Here's what's included in
Hormone Harmony Coaching Program?

With this program you'll get:

1. An Initial Consultation (Value $300)

2. 4 One on One Follow Ups (Value $1200)

3. Ongoing Support (Value $400)

4.  Access to our 12 module educational program and resources (Value $1000)

5. Weekly group coaching calls (Value $500)

6. BONUS! Your personalized genetic report (Value $600)

7. BONUS! Food Sensitivity Testing (Value $400)

8. BONUS! Comprehensive Hormone Testing (Value $500)

  Total Value = ($4900)  




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I've Still Got Questions

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Are you ready to thrive?

Being in hormone balance is the foundation of health and never more important than for a woman in her 40s and 50s. This is such a foundational time in a woman's life.  Don't wait to take charge of your hormones and your health for you now and for your future self.

I'll see you on the inside!

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I'll see you on the inside!

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