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5 Reasons Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

I am sure you have heard some-one say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But have you ever wondered why?  I mean, out of all the meals of the day, why is breakfast the most important one?  Why not lunch or dinner?

Here are 5 good reasons.  Below I have 10 Delicious Plant Based Recipes To Send Your Way.

1. Eating Breakfast Keeps You From Gaining Weight.

There have been many studies about this and science has shown that eating breakfast affects your Body Mass Index (BMI).

One study in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition followed 12,000 people over 5 years and found that eating breakfast affected the quality and quantity of their diet for the rest of the day.  In another study done by the Official Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics which followed 2,200 adolescents found that there was an inverse association with eating breakfast and Body Mass Index.  So eating breakfast was associated with a lower body mass index.

The other reasons below may help explain this.

2. Eating Breakfast Decreases Cravings For The Rest Of The Day.

When you wake up, generally you have been fasting anywhere from 8-10 hours.  Your blood sugar is lower and if you start your day before supplying your brain with the glucose it needs to function, you get cravings.  

Cravings are your body's way of protecting itself.  Your brain needs glucose to function and if you don't feed your brain, your energy drops, you get that brain fog and you reach for the nearest thing to keep you going...often it is caffeine.

I should also clarify and say that a proper breakfast is also important to reduce cravings.  A proper breakfast is one that includes some protein.  So if you have toast, have some eggs or nut butter with it.  Protein helps to stabilize blood sugar.

3. Having The Right Breakfast Increases Your Metabolic Rate.

Your metabolic rate is like a thermostat.  You need to feed it to keep it going.  When you don't have breakfast your body continues in the fasting mode that it has been in overnight and your body protects itself by lowering your metabolic rate.

Your body does not know whether you are just in a mad rush in the morning or if you are starving so the first response is to slow the metabolic rate down.

The best way to bring it back up is to have a breakfast which has proteins, carbs and healthy fats!

4. Eating Breakfast Improves Cognitive Function

Want to be able to think clearer and improve your memory?  Eating a good breakfast is key.

Blood glucose is low in the morning after a night of fasting.  The best way to improve cognition is to give your brain the glucose it needs. At the same time breakfast reduces stress levels and memory.

5. Eating Breakfast (the right breakfast) reduces inflammation in the body.

The National Institute of Health has said eating breakfast reduces obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.  Scientist have tried to figure out the exact reasoning behind this and have thought that perhaps people who take the time for breakfast have healthier routines or it could be that having breakfast gives your body the fuel it needs so that you don't need to have high calorie snacks later in the day to get through.

Having a good breakfast does help regulate blood sugar which if not regulated creates inflammation in the body.

Finding the time on those busy mornings can make finding time difficult.

I have put together 10 Delicious Plant Based Breakfast recipes for you to try. Click Here To Download.

Simone Burke is the Founder of Perfect Health Blueprint - Discover the power of plant based eating!


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