Mom Burn Out...The Silent Epidemic

As a mom, you envision everything running smoothly for your family.  You want your kids to have it all...be able to play the sports they want, eat healthy, have friends but often this comes at a cost to you.

You don't mind...it's all part of having a family and you love taking care of every-one but it is also important to be taking care of you.

Mom Burn Out is a silent epidemic because moms want to be moms - taking care of their children and families.  But also in today's world there are expectations that never use to be there. 

Often now, moms are juggling full time jobs with kids, cooking and housework.  Also too our social structure has changed.  It use to be a case of a village raising the children but now that responsibility falls primarily on the parents. 

Often after a night of looking after a sick child, moms are facing a full day at work with very little sleep.

Here are some signs that you may be experiencing Mom Burn Out

1.  Your energy is low.  This can be especially in the afternoon but then your energy may pick up later on in the evening.  Even when you do have a few hours to spare you get nothing done as you can't muster the energy to get going.

2. Your libido is low.  You may notice that you are just not feeling like it...or at least not the way you use to.

3. You have cravings..especially in the evening when you finally get to sit down.  You may also find that you have the sugar cravings in the afternoon and you need that just to keep you going.

4.  Exercise may make you feel worse.  You know you should so you make the effort to exercise but you just feel like this makes you feel exhausted.

5. You may be experiencing a slower metabolism and notice that it is harder to keep weight off.  

6. You may experience more moodiness especially at certain times of the month...or it may be all the time depending on your stress levels.

Take the Quiz and see where you are at.

Here are 6 habits that can help you recover from mom burnout.

1.Think of things as in good, better, best.  So instead of waiting to make the ideal healthy breakfast, just start with making sure you have something.  Then work on making it better.  So forget about needing it to be 'healthy' and going without because there has been no time.  focus instead in taking a few minutes to eat something.

2.  Rest when you can.  When you have a few minutes... or hours,  forget about the list of things to do.  The list will always be there, the housework will always be there.  So ... without the guilt just sit still and be present in that moment.  

3. Get your sleep.  Sleep is so important.  It may mean missing out on your favorite show in the evening but getting sleep (especially if you know your sleep is going to be disturbed later on) is important.

4.  Check your iron levels.  Ferritin is the marker that tells you the amount of stored iron in your body.  Low iron can be an easy fix and can really make a difference to your energy levels.

5. Have snacks throughout the day.  Even if you are trying to lose weight, having snacks will keep your metabolism going and help with the cravings.  Remember the good, better, best idea from point # 1.  First have snacks, and when you are ready to improve on that, have snacks that have proteins and fats.  This helps to control sugar cravings and boosts your metabolism.

6. Get in your colorful foods.  These foods are your super foods which are rich in nutrients and give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to repair and nourish you.

Simone Burke,

Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of Perfect Health Blueprint



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