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My name is Simone Burke.

I am so excited that you are here.  I think we may both be on the same journey...trying to make sure we make the best choices for our health.

I am a Naturopathic Doctor and an Ethnobotanist and I absolutely love what I do.  I love sharing information on health so that women can balance their hormones, gain energy and just feel great.  My motto is "Look Great, Feel Amazing."

My fascination with health started as a child.  I grew up in Jamaica where every one was very aware of the plants around them and their healing properties.  My Grandfather was a Medical Doctor and very often, if people could not afford medications he would tell them what herbs they could use.  I became fascinated with food and nutrition and was convinced (without having learnt it in school yet) that the food we ate could alter our genetics.

I went on to study biochemistry in England and worked in research for a while, looking at genetic differences in different organisms.  Little did I know what role this would play later in my career.

I moved to Canada and decided to pursue my passion for plants and healing by doing a Masters in Ethnobotany.  I spent 6 months doing field research with an indigenous community.  I went back to Jamaica where I had the opportunity to work with Ivelyn Harris who was a "Bush Doctor." She was a Maroon (an indigenous group living in the mountains of Jamaica). People traveled from all over the world to see her and to experience her healing baths.  She made tinctures (medicines from plants).  I was amazed.  Staying with her was an amazing experience.  Everything was completely natural.  Her guest house floor was made of the stones from the river, the lamp shades were made from paper she made from the plants on her land.  The food was picked right before eating and her healing baths were made from the plants in her garden and were chosen specifically for the person she was treating.  

She later asked me to help her with her book.  I was thrilled to have that opportunity to work with her.  I also wrote the forward for her book "Healing Herbs of Jamaica."

I decided to follow my dreams and study Naturopathic Medicine so that I could blend my passion of food, nutrition, plants and healing therapies.

I created this site on wholesome plant based eating as I noticed that most of the conditions that walked through my office were very similar.  People wanting to lose weight, balance hormones, sleep better and have energy to do all the things they wanted to do again.  I developed this program and have worked with hundreds to help them bring their bodies back into balance using food, herbs and self care techniques.  I wanted to make this program accessible to all. 

Another reason for creating this site was to provide an alternative to the myth of eat less and exercise more in order to lose weight.  This does the body more harm than good.  Instead you need whole foods, in the right balance.  The biggest thing of all is that you need support.  You can have all the information you need but if you don't have the support to make that happen it just makes things even harder.  I have created this to be a community and to have fun.

I really look forward to getting to know you!

In Health,





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