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Get your fabulous + healthy body back

and learn to love the journey

Get your fabulous + healthy body back

and learn to love the journey

"Nutritional programs based on your unique body needs"

 Get your hands on my "7 Healthy Breakfast Recipes."

Changing the way women approach their health in their 40s and 50s

Do you secretly ask yourself these questions?

Where did my energy go...?
How do I lose weight and keep it off?
What's going on with my cycles?
Guess what.... you're not alone.
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Come and join us

With our amazingly simple to follow programs, yummy recipes and an awesome community to cheer you along.... you'll feel amazing in no time.

Hey there,

I'm Simone, a Naturopathic Doctor & health advocate.  I coach women going though midlife changes on how to balance hormones so they can live a vibrant life full of energy..

I believe the best approach for a long and healthy life is one where hormones are balanced and where your healthcare is personalized and tailored to you.  We are all so unique in our genetics and in our lifestyles that a tailor made approach is essential for optimal health and wellbeing.

After years of seeing women suffer needlessly from the  effects of hormonal imbalances, my mission is to change the way women in their 40s and 50s approach their health.

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I feel SO much better. My energy level is so much different … I can’t even explain exactly what is different, but there is something different, and it is amazing! I feel like my body is actually “fuelled” for the first time ever. Your stress management techniques have made a huge difference in the way I feel. Before this journey I really didn’t think I was having any trouble with sleep, but now I realize that I obviously was, because I am sleeping so much better now than I was before. I started noticing a difference in my sleeping after only 3 days of making changes.

You have helped me feel so much better and I am so grateful. I spent 4 years trying to figure it out on my own and wish I’d come to you much sooner!!!


The amount of knowledge I have gained about my unique physical make up has empowered me to control what I can.   

I've also benefited from having the hormone testing done in learning my current state and hormonal predispositions and again, it's empowered me to take steps to avoid some adverse future possibilities.

 I don't miss the uncomfortable bloating, mystery bike tire around my waist that was there no matter how much I work to remove it, mood swings that would scare Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  I sleep so well, I feel so well compared to where I started and look forward to continuing on this journey as I and my body age.

I encourage women to self care by truly learning how their unique body is made, and what they can do to enjoy it , take care of it, so you can love it, feel good in it, and about it.  

We are truly unique and deserve the added effort and attention to understand that. 

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