Changes in Metabolism, Libido, Energy, & Mood could be signs that your Hormones are Out Of Balance!

Discover how "The Hormone Balance Blueprint" has helped women to regain their libido, energy, their metabolism and restored sleep.... (without crazy workouts or restrictions!)

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The Hormone Balance Blueprint Resets Your Hormonal System And Improves So Many Aspects Of Your Wellbeing.

Improved Sleep

When your hormones are optimal you have great sleep. That means falling asleep quickly, staying asleep and waking up feeling refreshed.

Recharged Metabolism

Your hormones set the speed of your metabolism - they slow things down or speed things up.  Balance your hormones to reset your metabolism.

Better Mood & Less Anxiety

Hormones affect your brain and how you feel throughout the day.  Hormonal imbalance can cause anxiety and depression!

Improved Relationships

Hormones affect libido, passion and intimacy.  As you reach optimal hormonal balance women feel like being more intimate and their libido improves.

Think Clearly

With balanced hormones brain fog goes away, you have a better memory and can think clearly.

Energy to do the things you want!

With balanced hormones you have energy throughout the day, no more mid afternoon slump or trying to get out of bed in the morning.

Women's Hormones go through Changes 10 years BEFORE Menopause! ever talks about this and women are left wondering if they are going CRAZY. 

This time is called perimenopause!  Women often experience different signs as their hormones change but MOST times no-one ever tells them their hormones are out of balance.  

Often Lab tests come back normal but having results in the normal range does not mean they are in the OPTIMAL range.

The Hormone Balance Blueprint

This program is a complete system to reset your hormones!


At The End Of The Hormone Balance Blueprint You Will Have:


Assessed your current hormone phase (there are 3 main phases).

Detoxed the toxins that could be negatively affecting your hormones and overall health.

Implemented a healthy hormone eating plan ... tailored to the different phases of your cycle.

A protocol of supplements you use to support your hormone health AND overall health.

Created lifestyle changes that support you, your hormones and what your body needs to function OPTIMALLY.

A mindset program that optimizes the hormone - stress connection.


And most importantly, you will have a clear path forward. No guessing. No confusion. No stress. No overwhelm. Just small actionable steps you can take everyday so your hormones are balanced!

Hi, I'm Simone Burke

I have a unique blend of awesome credentials... I have studied functional medicine, and Naturopathic medicine. I have studied nutrition extensively, Traditional Chinese Medicine and just about everything on hormonal health.

My real fascination has come from my own challenges.

It happened to me.  I wondered why my pants were getting tighter even though I was still eating the same and exercising. 

It seemed to happen overnight and when I looked back on photos those changes happened as I turned 40. 

I also noticed anxiety and heart palpitations over situations that normally I would be fine with.  It seemed like I was not able to handle stress as well as I use to. 

I would sometimes react to situations that were not typical for me.  I was left wondering "who was that?"   I wondered if I was losing my mind or just not coping well.

These were signs that my hormones were out of balance!

I went to my Doctor who said this was just a part of getting older.  He did some lab tests but it was all 'normal.'

I believe that we should be able to feel great no matter how old we are but first we need to understand what is wrong or out of balance.

Then I started to hear the same concerns from my clients.  They had been put on birth control pills to manage cycle changes or anti-anxiety meds to manage anxiety or anti-depressants for mood changes.

But no-one was really checking their hormones!

Then no-one speaks about changes in libido.  It is something I hear about all the time behind my office door.  This causes such stress in relationships and yet it is something women often don't talk enough about.

Once we dived into hormonal health and brought hormone levels to OPTIMAL levels (not just in the normal range) women started feeling like themselves again!

I called this system "The Hormone Balance Blueprint."

I am on a Mission ... 


To change the lack of information on hormone changes that happen in your 40s and what you can do to support your hormones naturally ...

It does not have to be this way.  Women should be prepared to navigate hormonal changes in their 40s but the problem is that most women are not even told to expect these changes.

Here are some signs that may be red flags that hormones are out of balance.

  • Struggling with belly fat even with exercise and restrictive eating.
  • Not being in the mood for intimacy and feeling the toll that has on relationships
  • Feeling anxiety out of the blue or when this would not be a typical response
  • Waking up feeling tired and drained even after a full nights sleep
  • Experiencing brain fog and difficulty focusing
  • Changes in your cycle (longer/ shorter / heavier / lighter)
Get "The Hormone Balance Blueprint" for $27

The Hormone Balance Blueprint Uses The Latest in Functional Medicine Nutrition


The only way to truly balance hormones is to support the hormones that control your female hormones - these are your master hormones!  I'll give you a hint ...these are your adrenal (your stress hormone), insulin and thyroid hormones.

The great news is that a lot of your hormones can be managed with diet and lifestyle.

The Hormone Blueprint gives you the information you need promote healthy sex hormone production and detoxification, adrenal health, and thyroid function as well as tools to support liver and gut health.

Hormones Out Of Balance Can Rob You of Your Health!!

But you can OWN YOUR HEALTH - for yourself, your family and your children!

We know to expect hormonal changes when girls go through puberty and women go though pregnancy and we kinda know what to expect with menopause but we are left in the dark as to what to expect in those years leading up to menopause...which can last 10 years or more!  

"The Hormone Balance Blueprint" is for women in their 40s who want to balance their hormones so they can feel energetic, think clearly and be focused, charge their metabolism and improve their libido! 


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The Hormone Balance Blueprint

Is a digital product that you get immediate access to.

You will get 6 videos with info and suggestions.

You will also get 3 weeks of meal plans specifically for hormone balance and to support female hormones.

This includes shopping lists for each week, nutrition, as well as recipes.

The Hormone Balance Blueprint


  • Perimenopause Survival Guide
  • The Adrenal Plan
  • The Sugar Solution
  • The Master Thyroid Plan
  • Hormone Balance Solution
  • 3 Weeks of Women's Hormone Balancing Meal Plan with recipes and shopping lists. 

Everything You Need For Hormonal Balance

You will get 3 weeks of The Hormone Balance Plan with meal plans and recipes to balance sex hormones, adrenals, and thyroid for optimal vitality.  Meal plans and recipes include the adaptogens to support the adrenals, as well as foods that support liver and gut health.